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Hello, I'm Christina

Milspouse, cat mom, black coffee drinker, and recovering academic.

I write witchy tales with lush, lyrical imagery; haunted, atmospheric settings; and deep introspections into inherited family traumas.

Come, stay a while, and discover a little magic along the way.
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Write Like You Did It On Purpose

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To be haunted is to remember, after all.

the moon tells no lies

In Headmaster Prichard’s class, I’d excelled in language and arithmetic, and at home, I’d memorized incantations and ancestral wisdom, such as which omens the moon could offer—blood and fire, death in a storm, a stranger comes knocking. I could discuss the Norman conquest of England alongside which herbs to put in a luck poultice. I’d also learned lessons which were not explicitly taught, such as how heavy a grown woman’s body is and how to get up in the morning when you have nothing left.

Adult Gothic Fantasy for readers of The Year of the Witching and Small Favors.

THE MOON TELLS NO LIES is a standalone with series potential. Explore the four Witches at Whitehill stories...

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#witchyhorror romance

Sisterhood, magic, and the terrors of the heart.
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